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A-Class Driving School Motorbike Lesson Prices

A Class Driving School CBT Training from only £100 A Class Driving School CBT Training from only £100 A Class Driving School CBT Training from only £100

CBT Training Sub-Category A1
6-8 Hours = 1 Day £115 12 Hours / 2 Days = £265
Motorcycle supplied 18 Hours / 3 Days = £380
6-8 hours = 1 Day £100 24 Hours / 4 Days = £490
Using your own Motorcycle 30 Hours / 5 Days = £590
Sub-Category A2 Category A
12 Hours / 2 Days = £285 12 Hours / 2 Days = £310
18 Hours / 3 Days = £400 18 Hours / 3 Days = £425
24 Hours / 4 Days = £510 24 Hours / 4 Days = £535
30 Hours / 5 Days = £610 30 Hours / 5 Days = £635
Retests Extra Training
1 Day Mod 1 retest £135 1 Day upgrade / back to biking £150 (1:1)
& £ 100 (2:1 Instructor)

Price Pledge 1st Mod 2 retest £75

2 Day Advanced Rider Improvement £295 (1:1) £195 (2:1 Instructor)
Normal 1 Day Mod 2 retest £165  
Hourly Tuition (minimum 2 Hours)
Cat A1 £25 Per hour  
Cat A2 £30 per hour Cat A £35 Per hour

All courses include, hire of motorcycle, helmet, gloves and waterproofs if required.

Test Fee's

All prices are correct at time of publish and are subject to change.

Bike categories, ages and licence requirements.

At the age of 16 you can hold licence AM or Q. you will need Compulsory basic training (CBT) theory test, practical test on all powered 2-wheeled moped.

Vehicles you can ride.

At the age of 17 you can hold licence A1. You will need Compulsory basic training ( CBT ), theory test, practical test.

Vehicles you can ride.

At the age of 19 you can hold licence A2. You will need Direct access - theory and practical; staged access - 2 years experience on A1 motorbike and a further practical test

Vehicles you can ride.

At the age of 21 you can hold licence A with the understanding you have held licence A2 for at least two years. It is called Staged access route - held an A2 licence for a minimum of 2 years and requires practical test.

Vehicles you can ride.


Check your eyes

Before you start learning, make sure you can read a number plate in good daylight from 20.5 meters away. For the new-style number plates (that were introduced on September 2001), the distance is 20 meters. If you wear glasses or contacts, that's fine. Just make sure you always wear them when riding.

The Process

The new motorcycle test went live on the 19th January 2013. It now has 3 categories: sub-category A1 (light motorcycles), sub-category A2 (standard motorcycles), and category A (unrestricted motorcycles).

The practical motorcycle test is split into 2 separate modules: the off-road module 1 and the on-road module 2. To get a full motorcycle license you need to pass both modules. The first step to getting on the road or getting your full motorcycle license is Compulsory Basic Training.

Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)

This allows you to ride legally on the road with L plates and your provisional motorcycle license without a theory test. The minimum age for CBT is 16. At the age of 16 you can ride up to a 49cc geared or automatic moped restricted to 32 mph. At the age of 17 or above you can ride up to a 125cc geared or automatic motorcycle no more than 12kW. This is the first stage for everyone. You will have to complete a CBT every 2 years if you do not get a full motorcycle license.

Theory Test

Being a good rider is about more than handling a motorcycle. You also need to know what road-signs mean, what makes for good road etiquette and how to anticipate dangers before they happen. This is why the Theory Test is designed to help you 'read the road'.

The test is made up of two parts: 1.) a multiple-choice section, and 2.) a hazard perception section. You'll need to pass both bits before you can book a practical test.

Practical Test

All practical tests require a valid CBT and motorcycle theory test. There are age restrictions on the category of motorcycle you can use to take your test.

There are 3 sub-categories of motorcycles you can use. The sub-category of motorcycle you use affects the sub-categories you can ride after passing your test. You must use the same sub-category of motorcycle for both module 1 and module 2 of the test. The 3 categories are:

Sub-category A1 (light motorcycle): Age 17+. The motorcycle has to be over 120cc not exceeding 125cc and capable of 62mph geared or automatic.

Sub-category A2 (standard motorcycle): Age 19+. The motorcycle has to be over 400cc and no more than 47bhp (35kW) geared or automatic.

Category A (unrestricted): Age 21+ if you hold a full A2 license for 2 years or age 24+ with a valid CBT and theory test. The motorcycle has to be over 600cc and over 54bhp (40kW) geared or automatic.

Other Courses